Watch Behind the Scenes Footage of David Guetta’s ‘Hey Mama’, It’s Cool (Video)

david guetta hey mama behind the scenes

The behind the scenes footage of David Guetta’s ‘Hey Mama‘ is cool

I’ve been stuck on watching David Guetta’s ‘Hey Mama over the last couple of days as, while I do love the track, it’s the video I think is even more spectacular. In fact it’s true David Guetta in that it tells a story, the cinematography is quite epic, and the whole thing has a stylized rave quality to it.

Guetta’s video for ‘Hey Mama‘ was filmed in a desert in California on a dried up lake bed.

Billboard magazine were out there at the same time to film behind the scenes footage of the video, to talk to Guetta, his team, the director and the stylists, and to document how the whole thing got put together. The ‘Hey Mama‘ behind the scenes video below is the result.

And as for Nicki Manaj‘s part in all this? Like Guetta says, it was a bit ironic. While he, the French DJ and producer, was in America filming, Minaj was in Europe so had to film her part in a European studio. Well, whatever gyrations they had to go through to get it done, it turned out great.

Watch the ‘Hey Mama‘ behind the scenes video below.

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