Watch Bishop Briggs ‘Wild Horses’ Official Video — Dark, Eccentric and Cool


The video for Bishop Briggs’ ‘Wild Horses’ is dark, eccentric and cool


British musician Bishop Briggs has just released her official music video for her 2015 single ‘Wild Horses‘. A single that first got a low-budget video of Briggs singing the track back in July.

The new official video for ‘Wild Horses‘, however, is a much more professional affair.

Directed by Ramon Ayala, the video has Bishop Briggs in a fantasy world with a group of eccentric and quite dark characters — men in gorilla masks perched on motorbikes, a Jeff-Bridges look-alike, a guy who looks like Ice-T, a tattoo artist, and several teeny tiny girls doing push ups.

As if they need to.

Among all this is Bishop Briggs calmly and coolly singing her dark song ‘Wild Horses‘, while Buttercup the horse stands quietly in the background.

Watch it below.

Michelle Topham