Watch Blind Pilot Perform ‘3 Rounds and a Sound’ Live on KEXP – Repeat Rotation Video

blind pilot 3 rounds and a sound

I’m in the middle of binge watching Californication, the amazing Showtime series starring David Duchovny that just wrapped up its final season recently. I watched Season 3, Episode 10 “Dogtown” yesterday, an episode that has the most amazing song playing over its closing credits. The song is Blind Pilot’s ‘3 Rounds and a Sound’, and it is so beautiful — music and lyrics — that I’ve been playing it as my Repeat Rotation Video all day today.

Just look at these lyrics:

I was swimming
My eyes were dark
’til you woke me
And told me that opening
is just the start
It was

Now I see you, ’til kingdom come
You’re the one I want
to see me for all
the stupid shit I’ve done

Soil and six feet under,
Kept just like we were
Before you knew you’d know me
and you know me

As for Blind Pilot, they’re an indie folk band from Portland, Oregon that creates the most incredibly beautiful music. They released their debut album 3 Rounds and a Sound, where this great track came from, in 2008. The album made it all the way to number 13 on Billboard’s album charts.

And, yes, I’ve listened to the entire album on Deezer since I discovered ‘3 Rounds and a Sound‘ yesterday, and every track is just as beautiful.

Since their debut release, Blind Pilot also released an iTunes Session EP later in 2009, and a second album, We Are The Tide, in 2011.

Word on the street says the band is currently working on a third studio album. Let’s hope so, as what they produce with lead singer Israel Nebeker’s emotion-grabbing vocals, Kati Claborn’s banjo and ukelele and Dave Jorgensen’ trumpet, this band really is something special.

Now listen to Blind Pilot’s ‘3 Rounds and a Sound‘ for your Repeat Rotation Video today. Isn’t that just the loveliest thing?

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