Watch Calexico’s ‘Falling From The Sky’ Official Video, and It’s Weird

Calexico Falling From the Sky

Calexico releases ‘Falling From The Sky’ official video and it’s weird — but cool

Calexico has released the official video for their new single ‘Falling From The Sky’, and it’s a weird one. The video stars Swedish indie folk singer songwriter José González, who plays a man that spends much of his life taking care of a giant worm-like creature.


He makes sure the worm is comfortable when it sleeps, feeds it, and even takes it out for walks in a gigantic box with a peephole. But, throughout it all, you get the feeling the worm isn’t happy and wants a different life.

According to director, Mikel Cee Karlsson, who has also just finished making a documentary about José González, he decided to make the video after he saw Albin Karlsson and Björn Renner’s worm-like creation at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.

“In original form, the “worm” was strictly covered in black leather. But I wanted to make it more like a living thing, like an evolutionary side step, a creature that is stuck in its codependency and has rather few possibilities in this world but still has the capacity to dream of better things.”

As for the song itself, easily one of the best and catchiest songs Calexico has released. So good is it, I just keep playing this video over and over again.

Calexico’s ‘Falling From The Sky‘ is from their latest album Edge of the Sun, now available on iTunes.  And thanks to the incredible Pitchfork for the video.

And, if you like the song, watch a wonderful live version of it from the Italian channel Rockol below.


Michelle Topham