Watch Cam Perform ‘Mayday’ and ‘Burning House’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Video)

cam burning house jimmy kimmel live

American country music singer songwriter Cam appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week singing her singles ‘Mayday‘ and ‘Burning House‘. Both tracks are from Untamed, her second studio album released in December 2015.

And the interesting thing about Untamed is it took over five years to complete, after the release of Cam’s first album in 2010, and features a variety of music styles including country pop and electronic.

But that certainly hasn’t made the album suffer as it is a gorgeous album, hit the number 2 spot on Billboard’s Top Country Albums, and has been critically acclaimed by a number of influential critics.

Cam wrote all the songs on the album in collaboration with other songwriters, and has said they were all written as a result of things that have happened in her life.

Tragic, sad or regretful, she has said she wrote the songs on the album as a way of confronting how she felt about certain things that have happened to her or that she caused head on, instead of pretending they didn’t exist.

As for Cam’s ‘Burning House‘ and ‘Mayday‘, both tracks were released as singles from the album — ‘Burning House‘ in June, 2015 and then ‘Mayday‘ last month.

Watch her sing them in the videos below. Because she can certainly sing live.

Updated: Sadly, Cam’s performances were deleted from Kimmel’s YouTube channel, so I have substituted equally superb performances on WYRK and on 97.1 HANK FM. Enjoy!


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