Watch Coldplay Perform ‘Yellow’ Live on Jools Holland in 2000 – Start of Rise to Fame (Video)

coldplay yellow live jools holland 2000

The BBC TV show Later…with Jools Holland has been around for decades (since 1992, in fact). So long, that the show now has an extensive archive of some of the best live performances of musicians that have appeared on the show over the years.

One of my favorite performances is from Coldplay, from their appearance on Later…with Jools Holland back in 2000 (Series 15, Episode 4) singing their hit single ‘Yellow’.

And I love this performance because the guys are all so young (look at Chris Martin’s hair), it’s one of the first times they’ve appeared on national TV and Yellow‘ is their first hit. So being on Jools Holland was a huge deal for them, as well as being the start of the band’s meteoric rise to fame, superstardom and becoming iconic.

Watch Coldplay on Later…with Jools Holland in the video below. And no, it’s not ‘Throwback Thursday’, as I don’t tend to do stuff like that. But it is a lovely performance, isn’t it?


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