Watch Coldplay Play ‘Amsterdam’ Live in Amsterdam as UK Votes for Brexit (Video)

coldplay amsterdam live in amsterdam brexit

Coldplay did something incredibly fabulous after the #Brexit vote for the UK to leave the EU took place on Thursday. A vote the band, like most British musicians, obviously did not agree with. They performed their song ‘Amsterdam‘ while in concert in Amsterdam.

As Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin told the Dutch crowd, “Thank you for being so good to us. Especially today. Now tonight we’re going to do something special, just for you and also just for us. Because it’s been kind of a strange day if you’re a British person that loves the world, and we thought what song could we sing of ours that would make us feel connected to the rest of the world.

And, as luck would have it, we have a song called ‘Amsterdam” So…

Amsterdam is from Coldplay’s album A Rush Of Blood To The Head. 

Martin told the crowd, “This is just a love song from us to you, to everybody else”. He then asked the crowd to “Please forgive the mistakes”, as the band had not played the track in such a long time.

Lovely. As was the band’s performance. Watch them below.

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