Watch Conchita and Ina Regen perform ‘Heast as net’ live at the 100 Years of the Republic of Austria celebration

Austrian singers Conchita and Ina Regen performed a gorgeous live version of their hit single ‘Heast as net‘ during the official celebration for the 100 Years of the Republic of Austria last night at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna.

And every time I listen to this pair of close friends sing this song live, I am always struck by three things.

Three things that always make me love their performances more and more, every time I see them.

The difficulty of ‘Heast as net

‘Heast as net‘ is a challenging song to sing, starting out as it does soft and quiet, and then building to those enormous yodels.

Out of the two, Ina Regen has the biggest job, as she has to nail that sweet, soft opening and that first yodel to lay the path for Conchita coming in with his part a few seconds later.

If she doesn’t (which she always does!), that puts the whole song off kilter.

Conchita’s enormous voice is not always built for those very quiet, quite high beginning parts either, so his entrance into the song is always very concentrated and precise.

As soon as he hits that fabulously big first yodel, however, both singers are home free.

And, man, they are always wonderful.

The friendship between Conchita and Ina Regen

I always love to watch these two sing together, because it is obvious from the first few bars of the song what enormous respect they have for each other.

Ina was one of Conchita’s backing singers for many years before she decided to go for a solo career of her own late last year. A solo career that has taken off here in Austria for the talented singer in a massive way.

Conchita, as the wonderful friend he is, has done everything he can to help Ina get her career to where she wants it to go.

The enjoyment 

Every live performance of ‘Heast as net‘ is also lovely to watch, as it is so nice to see how much enjoyment the two singers get out of just singing together.

From the first smile on Ina’s face as she hears Conchita perfectly hit those quiet notes, followed by the little nod of ‘well done’ as Conchita nails that first huge yodel.

Then there is Conchita’s delighted grin as Ina reaches that oh so high yodel, followed by the kiss of the hand in her direction.

In fact, every time I watch these two singing together, I have a smile on my face from the minute they start till long after they finish.

Because it is lovely to see two very talented artists have as fabulous a time up on that stage as their audience is having watching them.

As for ‘Heast as net’, it is one of the songs included on Ina Regen’s upcoming debut album Klee, which will be out on November 2nd on the Sony record label.

Now watch Conchita and Ina Regen perform ‘Heast as net ‘ live in the video below to see what I mean.

And thank you Stefan Grubhofer for filming it so nicely.

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video credit: Stefan Grubhofer

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