Watch Conchita Wurst and Flavio Rizzello Sing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ at Entscheidungsshow (Video)

conchita wurst at swiss national final

Sometimes I write about Conchita Wurst as I’m dying to analyze a performance she has done, or an interview she has given. Other times, like now, I write about her simply because I want to have a ‘place holder’ if you will. An article that shows off something she has done that I particularly love so that, when I’m looking back on past articles at a later time, I will see it and remember.

So today’s ‘place holder’ is this one. A short article about Conchita Wurst at Entscheidungsshow‘ — the Swiss Eurovision national selection on Saturday night. And her second performance on a national selection show this weekend. Because I loved so many aspects of this performance, and think she is one of the sweetest Conchitas we’ve seen in a while.

The SwissEntscheidungsshow‘ on Saturday night kicked off with Conchita doing a shortened version of her single ‘Firestorm‘. A performance that was nice enough, although I’m not a huge fan of the song or of the look she had while singing it. (We’ve seen the white shirt paired with various styles of black pant a few times now, and I just don’t think it’s particularly interesting).

The section of the show that really grabbed my attention, however, was Conchita Wurst singing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ with 12-year-old Flavio Rizzello, the winner of the talent show ‘Die grössten Schweizer Talente‘.

Because, while it wasn’t really the performance I particularly loved, as she barely sang in it as most of the attention went to Flavio, it was, however, everything else about it.

Her look — gorgeous black and gold embroidered pants from Jean Paul Gaultier that really showed off her amazing rear end and fabulous legs, and looked incredible as she did a sexy, slinky walk down the center of the stage, along with a black turtleneck customized body suit from Wolford, that was just so figure-huggingly perfect.

Her whole demeanor on stage — confident, sexy and an absolute star – was also beautiful to watch. And, of course, after the song was over and how she treated Flavio Rizzello. Because that was lovely.

The big hug, the obvious delight at singing with him,and the sweet things she said. As well as a feeling that, to me at least, because she went through so much negativity when she was just a little kid, she probably often goes out of her way to shower positive attention on any other little kid to be sure they get the positivity she (he) sometimes lacked.

And, of course, Flavio being so absolutely thrilled to have been able to sing with her and a feeling that, back stage and during rehearsal, (you can see a short rehearsal video below) Conchita had been so completely wonderful to him that he was now going to love her forever.

And then, the mini interview afterwards where Conchita talks about her upcoming concert tour, with her concert date in Zurich, and it’s just that shoulder shrug and that absolutely delighted look on her face that she has a tour and she’s so proud of it that just makes you want to hug her.

Watch Conchita Wurst singing ‘Rise Like a Phoenix‘ with Flavio Rizzello at ‘Entscheidungsshow’ in the video below. The video is delightful and so, of course, is she.

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