Watch Dame’s ‘Low Life’ Video and Appreciate the Small Things in Life

dame low life video

Austrian rapper Dame released the official video for his new single ‘Low Life‘ this week, and it’s another move away from where he first started — creating rap songs about his favorite hobby, computer games.


Because, with ‘Low Life‘, Dame has produced a track about the things that he thinks are really important in life — health, love, enjoying the moment, taking time to appreciate what you have — the ‘low life; the life that says money isn’t everything, and working so hard just so you can buy things you really don’t need to show people how ‘cool’ you are is pointless.

And, being new to Austria myself, it’s something I’m already noticing about many of the Austrians I meet.

They seem to have less drive to be ‘super successful’, but instead have the necessary drive needed to make enough money to have a comfortable life, but then want to spend that life with their family and friends. Kind of the way it should be really.

As for the video, it has Dame enjoying his ‘low life’ — relaxing lake-side and fishing. Watch it below. It’s nice.

You can pick up ‘Low Life‘ on most major digital music sites. The track is from Dame’s upcoming new album Straßenmusikant, due to release on September 9th.