Watch Daphne Guinness’ ‘Magic Tea’ Video — It’s Trippy, Glam and Gorgeous

daphne guinnes magic tea

When you hear the word Daphne Guinness, you probably think “spoiled heiress who dabbles in fashion and acting, is known for being the muse of various fashion designers more than anything else, and gets gigs because of her family name — Guinness, the beer people).” I know, for the longest time, I did.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Not when it comes to Daphne Guinness and her music. Music that is authentic, unique and actually pretty damned good.

And I say this because I’m currently addicted to Daphne Guinness’ latest music video — ‘Magic Tea‘ — a trippy 60s-based kaleidoscopic ride that is gorgeously filmed, more 70s glam than 21st century mode, comes with a catchy song and is really quite spectacular.

Magic Tea‘ comes from Daphne Guinness’ just released album Optimist in Black — which is also amazing, and definitely recommended. You can currently pick up the MP3 and vinyl versions, and an import CD, on a variety of music platforms online.

Because, no, Daphne Guinness is not just someone’s ‘muse’. She is an artist in her own right. An artist that produces stunning music, and that has something extremely relevant to see.

Thanks, Daphne. For ‘Magic Tea‘ and your other newly released videos. Loving every single one.

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