Watch Deftones on Jimmy Kimmel with ”Hearts/Wires’ and ‘Prayers/Triangles’ — Superb


Alternative metal band Deftones appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (April 12th), where they gave superb performances of ‘Hearts/Wires‘ and ‘Prayers/Triangles‘ from their new album Gore. An album which, I might add, is already in the number 1 slot in the UK’s Official Albums Chart midweek edition.

Not bad for a veteran band that has been around since 1988, but is still turning out some pretty darned awesome stuff.

As for Gore, it just released last week after a bit of a delay, as the band admitted they were still working on mixes and album art due to really wanting this one to be perfect. Let’s just say it paid off, as Gore is being critically acclaimed as well as seeing the high number of initial sales it obviously deserves.

Watch Deftones on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the videos below. You can grab Gore at Amazon.

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