Watch Dua Lipa Sing ‘Thinking Bout You’ Live at YouTube Music Foundry, She’s Sultry and Fabulous (Video)

dua lipa thinking bout you live youtube

The incredibly talented and stunningly gorgeous English-Albanian singer Dua Lipa has another new video out. This time it’s Dua Lipa performing her new single ‘Thinking Bout You’ as part of the YouTube Music Foundry series, and, boy, does she completely rock it.

Dua Lipa’s ‘Thinking Bout You‘ is from her debut album, which is due to be released sometime in August this year, and was co-written by Lipa herself and Adam Argyle, who also wrote Olly Murs hit single ‘Oh My Goodness‘.

It’s a slow, dark, jazzy kind of song that fits perfectly with Lipa’s sultry voice, and sophisticated way of singing.

And, while there have only been three songs released from her debut album so far, so it’s still difficult to assess what the entire album will sound like, Lipa is currently the critics’ darling, and most of them are expecting big things.

Meanwhile the singer songwriter continues to get more and more attention, with one of her latest feats to make it onto the BBC’s long list for Sound of… 2016.

In fact, the BBC talk about her as being “smoky of voice and sultry of photo, Dua Lupa looks and sounds like a pop star in waiting.” Now that’s a lovely description, isn’t it?

Watch Dua Lipa singing ‘Thinking Bout You‘ at YouTube’s Music Foundry, and you’ll see exactly what they mean. You can download the track itself on all major digital music sites.

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