Watch Editors’ ‘All The Kings’ Video, Full of Sadness, Anguish and Despair

editors all the kings

British indie rock band Editors is one of my favorite bands, primarily because their songs tend to be a bit raw, anthem-like and majestic. As well as dark, full of anguish and sad.

Today, Editors released ‘All The Kings‘, their new single from their latest album In Dream, and it’s another powerful, heart-grabbing Editors track that comes with a gorgeous, video.

A video centered around lead singer Tom Smith, some incredibly dramatic images, and a soldier — dancing.

Listen to the lyrics of the song — Loneliness forever, loneliness forever, Holding back a river, holding back a river – and at Chapter II, the lovely instrumental closing of the song, and, of course, be pulled in by that sad, sweet little dance.

Because ‘All The Kings‘ is another Editors’ beauty — from opening bar to closing steps. Watch it below. It is gorgeous.

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