Watch Father John Misty Sing ‘The Ideal Husband’ on Jimmy Kimmel – Raw Energy (Video)

Father John Misty

Rocking folk singer Father John Misty was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night where he sang ‘The Ideal Husband‘. The track is from his latest album I Love You, Honeybear released back in February.

And Father John Misty gave his usual crowd-pleasing performance, as he started off singing and playing guitar, only to cast it aside at the latter end of the song and get down on his knees to force even more emotion out of his already pulsing-with-emotion form.

A few energetic dances and wild flailings across the stage, while ramping up the sheer force of his presence even further, and you don’t see raw energy like that on stage that often.

Just a pity the crowd seemed more like zombies than an actual audience, as that kind of performance deserves a helluva lot more appreciation than what he got.

Watch Father John Misty on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the video below, and do go to see him if he ever appears in your area. Because, while you can sort of guess what it feels like being in that audience as he gyrates around, you have no idea until you’re 10 feet away. It’s incredible.

And, of course, buy I Love You, Honeybear, it’s a fabulous album.

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