Watch Gordi’s ‘Nothing’s As It Seems’ Video — She’s All Tied Up

gordi nothing's as it seems video

Australian singer Gordi released the official video for her new single ‘Nothing’s As It Seems’ this week and, even if she spends half the video being tied to a chair, it is still gorgeous.

Nothing’s As It Seems‘ is from Gordi’s new five-track EP Clever Disguise. Well, new in the U.S. as the songs were actually released in Australia last year.

But, if the song and the video seem a little familiar to you, that is because Gordi used Bon Iver as one of her influences — especially when it comes to the acoustic melding with the electronic sound of the song — so that may be what is grabbing you here.

As for the name Gordi, where does it come from? Particularly as she is actually Sophie Payten, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Australia.

According to Gordi, it was a surprise to her as well.

“The short answer is that it’s a family nickname and I have no idea where it came from. My elder brother was pretty weird as a child and called me all these different things that were really random, and one of them was Gordi. And he doesn’t know where it came from either, but it’s kind of the only one that stuck.

So all through my high school years up to now they’ve always called me Gordi, and I’ve always kept it a massive secret, even from my friends. Like no one knew, and I was always like pretty embarrassed about it, and whenever my friends would come over I’d always like ward up my family and be like, “Don’t call me that today, call me me Sophie.”

Watch Gordi’s official video for ‘Nothing’s As It Seems‘ below, and pick up her new EP now.

Why do I have a feeling she’s going to end up as huge as fellow Aussie Courtney Barnett?


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