Watch Grace Vanderwaal’s ‘Gossip Girl’ Lyrics Video — It Comes With an Important Message


12-year-old singing sensation Grace Vanderwaal has just released a lyrics video for ‘Gossip Girl‘ , a song that Vanderwaal says is her favorite song on Perfectly Imperfect, her recently released debut EP.

The EP also includes ‘I Don’t Know My Name’, ‘Light the Sky‘, ‘Beautiful Thing‘ and ‘Clay’, all of which Vanderwaal also performed on America’s Got Talent the show which, of course, she won.

As for ‘Gossip Girl‘, it’s a song that comes with an important message, especially for the millions of teens that are now Grace Vanderwaal’s fans. Gossip. It’s not nice. And, if you are someone’s friend and then you gossip about them, you are not nice either.

Listen to and watch the official lyrics video for Grace Vanderwaal’s ‘Gossip Girl‘ below.

Yes, it’s cool, her voice is incredible, but my favorite is still ‘Beautiful Thing. How about you?

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