Watch Grace VanderWaal’s ‘I Don’t Know My Name’ Lyrics Video, The Song Will Be a Big Hit and Her a Huge Star


Watch Grace VanderWaal’s ‘I Don’t Know My Name’ Lyrics Video

How do I know Grace VanderWaal is going to be a huge star? Well, if her new YouTube video for her first single ‘I Don’t Know My Name‘ is anything to go by, it’s a given.

Because Grace VanderWaal just uploaded the lyrics video for ‘I Don’t Know My Name‘ an hour ago, and it already has over 80,000 views with thousands more being added every couple of minutes. It also has over 14,000 likes, with a mere handful of people not liking what she has released.

Yep, there are many people curious about Grace VanderWaal, and it is not surprising really.

After all, she is only 12 years old, has a voice far beyond her age due to its complexity and uniqueness, she writes her own songs, and she’s a pretty fair musician too.

And, if you are one of the few people in the U.S. who doesn’t know who VanderWaal is, she is the girl who recently won the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. Due to her stunning voice, her cute personality and her lovely ukulele skills.

Now listen to Grace VanderWaal’s first single ‘I Don’t Know My Name‘ in the video below. It was the song she sang at her America’s Got Talent audition. The one that bowled the judges over. The one she wrote herself.

And the one in which she received Howie Mandel‘s ‘golden buzzer’ — an immediate passage through to the live shows portion of the TV series.

Yes, it, and her, are really that good.

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