Watch Harry Styles host The Tonight Show, well for 3 seconds (video)

Watch Harry Styles host The Tonight Show for 3 seconds

Former One Directioner Harry Styles showed up on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night (Wednesday, July 19th) where he made a wish that he wanted to take over Jimmy’s job and host The Tonight Show. And soon he was doing just that.

The whole thing started when both Styles and Fallon admitted they were fans of Stevie Nicks, and Fallon pulled out a jade bottle Nicks had once given him. At the time, she had told him “Blow into the bottle and make a wish”. So he did, and his wish came true.

“So I thought,” Fallon told Harry Styles, “if you care, you can open up the jade bottle, blow a wish in and it will probably….”

“What if ghosts fly out?” asked Styles.

Styles then proceeded to blow in the bottle, Fallon keeled over as if from a heart attack and Styles began hosting The Tonight Show.

Well, for three seconds at least.

Watch Harry Styles hosting The Tonight Show starring…Harry Styles in the video below. Yeah, sure it was rehearsed, but it was cute.

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