Watch Imagine Dragons perform ‘Evolve’ single ‘Thunder’ live on Jimmy Fallon

Watch Imagine Dragons perform ‘Evolve’ single ‘Thunder’ live on Jimmy Fallon

Alternative rock band Imagine Dragons performed their latest single on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last night. The song is called ‘Thunder‘ and is from the band’s upcoming third studio album Evolve, which releases on Friday (June 23rd).

Thunder‘ is the second single from the album behind their massive hit single ‘Believer, and was released on April 27th. ┬áIt hit number 70 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but number 10 in eight other countries including Austria, Germany and New Zealand.

The music video for the single, which was filmed in Dubai, was released a week later. The song itself is much more electronica than we are used to from Imagine Dragons, as well as percussion-heavy and with an interesting reggae feel to it. Lyrics-wise, personally, I think it is a little repetitive.

All in all, not my cup of tea, although their live performance of the song was definitely decent. Besides, you might like it.

Watch Imagine Dragons performing ‘Thunder’ on The Tonight Show last night.

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