Watch James Blunt sing ‘1973’ live in L.A. on Ed Sheeran tour — superb as always (video)

Watch James Blunt sing ‘1973‘ live in L.A. on Ed Sheeran tour

A couple of weeks ago, British singer James Blunt began uploading videos of live performances of songs to his YouTube channel. Two so far, ( and Don’t Give Me Those Eyes‘ is so good), with a third one going up a couple of hours ago.

Today’s upload is a live performance of James Blunt’s ‘1973‘. A performance of the song that Blunt gave as part of Ed Sheeran’s US Tour 2017.

This one was in Los Angeles and, as always, it reminds me of what a superb singer James Blunt is live.

Because, while it might seem every professional singer as successful as James Blunt should be a good live singer that, sadly, is not always the case, as I have seen some awful live performances by incredibly successful artists. (Rihanna, anyone?)

Blunt, though, well that boy can not only give a beautiful live performance, but he can also climb up on top of the piano midway through it, do a bit of ‘surfing’, jump back down and finish the song and still stay completely on key.

Watch him perform ‘1973‘ live in LA earlier this year below. Love that boy and that song never gets old.

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