Watch John Legend Perform ‘Love Me Now’ on ‘James Corden’ — Effortless and Perfect


Singer songwriter John Legend appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night, where he performed his new single ‘Love Me Now‘. ‘Love Me Now‘ is the first single from Legend’s latest studio album Darkness and Light released back in October.


The track hit the number 5 position on the UK R&B charts upon release.

And as far as live performances go, this one is a lovely one. Because what I love about John Legend is that he sings so effortlessly, the emotions behind the song sound as though they are the easiest thing in the world to express.

Which, when it comes to love, should be the case, shouldn’t it?

Watch John Legend sing ‘Love Me Now‘ on James Corden in the video below. It’s an effortless and perfect performance. You can pick up the single and the album on most major music sites online.

Updated: Unfortunately, as usual, James Corden has deleted the video from his YouTube channel, which is why we no longer showcase music from his show. So we have substituted a live performance John Legend gave of ‘Love Me Now’ at The Fast Company Innovation Festival instead. Watch it below.


Michelle Topham