Watch Journey Perform ‘Open Arms’ Live on Ellen — Powerful (Video)

journey open arms on ellen
There are some songs that, no matter how many years after they were released do you hear them again, they still have the same impact. One of these songs is the classic Journey power ballad ‘Open Arms‘, a song most people could probably sing word-for-word perfect if asked.

This week, Journey showed up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to do just that. To give one more powerful live performance of ‘Open Arms‘, the rock band’s most iconic song.

Nowadays, of course, Journey’s lead singer isn’t the amazing Steve Perry, lead vocalist of the band from 1977 to 1998 and the co-writer along with Jonathan Cain of ‘Open Arms‘.

Not that it really matters as current frontman Filipino singer Arnel Pineda is phenomenal, as he proves on Ellen. And, yes, Journey discovered him in 2008 from videos of himself and his band a friend uploaded on YouTube.

Open Arms‘ is originally from Journey’s 1981 album Escape. The track hit the number 2 spot on the Billboard singles chart when it was released in 1982.

The album was re-released in 2008, with Arnel Pineda singing vocals, on the album Revelation.

Watch him performing it live, along with the rest of the band, on Ellen in the video below.

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