Watch Kelly Clarkson Sing ‘People Like Us’ Live — She’s Incredible (Video)

kelly clarkson people like us live

I always love it when another video goes up of Kelly Clarkson singing live, as she is always so amazing in every live performance she gives.

Case in point, this new video of Kelly Clarkson singing ‘People Like Us‘ live during one of her concerts on her Kelly Clarkson Maroon 5 tour back in 2013.

As Clarkson herself said on her Facebook page about the video release, “It’s just a very meaningful song right now for, you know, what’s happening (politically in the United States right now) and it’s just an empowering song because, let’s face it, I like empowering songs”.

She went on to say about the production itself, “It was one of the more fun parts of the show, as we got to do all this black light effect, and I don’t move. So if you’re like, why is she not moving, because I always love going out on the thrust — which is a weird word let’s be honest — and I don’t move because you have to stay back on the stage in order for the black light effects to work”.

Watch the rest of what Kelly Clarkson had to say about ‘People Like Us‘, her hilarious ramblings, her attempt to sing songs whose lyrics she couldn’t remember, and a lot more on her latest fabulous Facebook live video (July 29th, 2016).

And, watch the video for ‘People Like Us‘ live  below. The song has superb staging, and she gives another incredible performance.

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