Watch Lady Gaga Perform ‘Million Reasons’ and ‘A-Yo’ Live on SNL (Video) — Stunning


Lady Gaga has just uploaded her performance of ‘Million Reasons‘ live on Saturday Night Live (SNL), along with her performance of her newest sing ‘A-Yo‘, to her VEVO channel. Both are from Gaga’s just released, and fabulous, new album Joanne.


If you are not in the US, sadly, you will have trouble watching Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons‘ and ‘A-Yo‘ on SNL due to idiotic U.S. broadcasting laws, although, of course, there are always ways around it.

Watch Lady Gaga performing ‘Million Reasons‘ and ‘A-Yo‘ on SNL last night in the videos below. Stellar performances as always and, man, can Gaga sing live.

Michelle Topham