Watch Lady Gaga Perform ‘Million Reasons’ at American Music Awards 2016 — Stunning Performance


Watch Lady Gaga perform ‘Million Reasons‘ at American Music Awards 2016

Lady Gaga appeared at the American Music Awards 2016 last night, where she gave a stunning live performance of ‘Million Reasons‘, one of the singles from her new album Joanne.

Gaga’s performance on the Microsoft Theater stage, though, was much more simple than you might expect from an artist who has not graced the American Music Awards stage for three years.

Because, instead of a lavish set up, Gaga went for a pseudo-Western theme, and sang just sitting on a stool, barefoot, dressed in a black leather dress complete with studs, playing an electric guitar, and with a backdrop of a starry night sky.

But it was Lady Gaga’s singing that stole the show, as her American Music Awards performance of ‘Million Reasons‘ was so stripped down it really allowed her incredible voice to shine. And shine it did.

Watch her below. She’s stunning.

And, of course, pick up her latest album Joanne on all major music sites. For me, it is the best one she has released yet.

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