Watch Lady Gaga Talk ‘Joanne’ Influences on ‘Good Morning America’ and, God, She’s Beautiful (Video)


Lady Gaga talked ‘Joanne‘ influences on Good Morning America yesterday

Lady Gaga appeared on Good Morning America on Friday morning, (October 21st, 2016), where she talked about her new just-released album Joanne.

Gaga was also stylishly dressed in a pink shorts-suit and a pink cowboy hat, similar to what she wore on the cover of her new album, and an outfit color she has been wearing everywhere since Joanne was released on Thursday. And God, she’s beautiful.

Good Morning America‘s Michael Strahan asked Gaga about the personal reason the album is title Joanne,¬†as well as the influences behind it. The 30-year-old singer explained how her latest studio album was named after her father’s sister, who died in her late teens in 1974.

“The tragedy really stayed with my family our whole lives”, Gaga explained. “And so I wanted to make a record about family and friendship, and togetherness and learning from the past.”

And what is Gaga’s latest single ‘A-Yo‘ about?

“I love this song so much. I really want people to hear it and be reminded that we might sometimes not feel so great, but we are still. And I want them to remember how awesome America is, and how awesome we are as a country, and the record just says “A-Yo, we’re smokin’ them all”. We’re still number one”.

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Watch the rest of what Lady Gaga has to say about Joanne in the video below. An album she calls “folk, dance, pop, funk — some of my vocal jazz influence also flies in there too, some rock and roll influence from growing up listening to rock and roll with my father. But essentially, it’s a pop record.”

And if you haven’t picked it up yet, you really should. Joanne is Gaga’s fifth studio album and, I have to say, it’s definitely her best yet.

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