Watch Lady Gaga’s Billboard Woman of the Year Performance of ‘Till It Happens To You’ — Incredible

lady gaga till it happens to you billboard woman of the year

If you ever wonder why Lady Gaga is so famous and so successful, just watch her Billboard Women in Music performance of ‘Till It Happens To You‘. It will give you goosebumps, and it will make you cry.

Because Lady Gaga’s Billboard Women In Music performance of ‘Till It Happens‘ was incredible not just for her beautiful voice, and the intense emotion she puts into that song.

It is also noteworthy as, instead of the extravagant performances we often get from Gaga, this time it is just her sitting at a piano, playing and singing.

And, amidst all the hoopla and excessiveness that often surrounds her, you forget sometimes what an amazing talent Lady Gaga is, and how gorgeous of a voice she has.

Then she sits down at a piano, talks about how happy she is to be at the Billboard Women of the Year event, how if you love music and you work really hard you can do anything, and then… begins to play and sing.

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As for ‘Till It Happens To You‘, it’s a song Gaga wrote as a tribute to those who have experienced sexual assault. Something Gaga herself experienced when she was raped by a music producer when she was just 19 years old.

Lady Gaga wrote ‘Till It Happens To You‘ in collaboration with songwriter Diane Warren for the college sexual assault documentary The Hunting Ground.

And, one last thing about Lady Gaga and her live performance here. It came in connection with her being given the 2015 Billboard Woman of the Year Award.

And as part of that, she also gave an acceptance speech that ended with this message to all the people who didn’t believe in her (“probably more than did believe,” she commented)

I couldn’t wait to prove you wrong. Because I may not be a lot of things, but I can write songs, and I can sing.

I would say she can do a lot more than that.


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