Watch Meghan Trainor Fall on Jimmy Fallon, Then Get Standing Ovation — You Go, Girl (Video)

meghan trainor falls on jimmy fallon

Watch Meghan Trainor fall on Jimmy Fallon

Awwww. You’ve just got to love Meghan Trainor, the woman who got a standing ovation on Jimmy Fallon last night after she fell on her rear end at the end of her performance.

Trainor was appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to sing her new single ‘Me Too‘, and pulled off a fabulous performance of the song, including a cute dance routine with her backing dancers.

But, as she finished her performance with her back to the audience, and then turned to acknowledge their applause, the combination of a slippery floor, turning to fast and her high platform shoes was her undoing. And down she went.

Of course, as Meghan Trainor fell, she tried to grab the microphone stand to stop her plummet but, being flimsy and lightweight, it just went down with her.

Her performance ended with courteous and amused host Fallon lying on the floor beside her while she laughed, the band laughing and applauding, and then Trainor getting up and receiving a standing ovation from the cheering crowd.

Yep. Gotta love Meghan Trainor. After all, she could have asked Jimmy Fallon to edit it out but, with her good humor, she turned what could have been a mortifying experience into one that just makes you love her more. She even showed up on Twitter not long after to say “Haha, I’m fine, thanks”.

Watch Meghan Trainor fall on Jimmy Fallon in the Today video below, and then hear her talk about it. You go, girl.

Trainor’s new album was released today. It’s called Thank You (appropriately cute as Fallon waved it at the audience after she fell), and you can currently grab it on all major digital music platforms.

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