Watch MØ Sing ‘New Year’s Eve’ and ‘Lean On’ Live at Nobel Peace Prize Concert

mo nobel peace prize concert

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert took place in Oslo, Norway on Friday night. A concert to celebrate the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet’s Nobel Peace Prize win, as well as to highlight some pretty amazing music from some of today’s most successful young artists.

One of the artists performing at the concert was Danish singer MØ, who sang ‘New Year’s Eve‘ and her hit single ‘Lean On‘. Two performances that were quite spectacular.

MØ’s ‘New Year’s Eve‘ is a track she released at the end of 2014, after the release of her spectacular debut album No Mythologies To Follow, but in this case it was MØ with a full orchestra, which added such depth to the song it was beautiful to watch.

Lean On‘ is the hit single MØ co-wrote with Major Lazer and, while her performance itself was lovely, what made it even cooler was MØ’s walk down into the audience to include some of those gathered at this auspicious concert in the emotion of her song.

Lean On‘ too, of course, is Spotify’s most-streamed track ever. Yep. It is.

Watch the amazing MØ sing it below.

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