Watch Pink Perform ‘Just Like Fire’ Live on Jimmy Kimmel — She Rocks It (Video)

pink just like fire live jimmy kimmel

Watch Pink sing ‘Just Like Fire‘ on Hollywood Boulevard for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Pink wasn’t just on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week to talk and to meet Johnny Depp (well, that wasn’t planned). She was also on stage in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard to give a kickass live performance of her new single ‘Just Like Fire‘.

This time, though, we didn’t get Pink’s usual aerial acrobatics or her almost-not-there leotards. Instead, Pink wore a flowing red kaftan and kept her movements restricted to nothing more than a few arm flourishes.

Not that that stopped Pink from sounding and looking as absolutely stupendous, as she always does. Nope.

In fact, Pink’s live version of ‘Just Like Fire‘ was just as on point as her performance in the official video for the track. More so probably, as this was live, outdoors, in the middle of the street and in front of hundreds of screaming fans and, of course, she rocked it.

Watch her below. Stellar, eh?

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