Watch Pink’s ‘Just Like Fire’, It’s Alice Through The Looking Glass with the Whole Pink Family (Video)

pink just like fire video mad hatter

Pink always puts out amazing music videos, so it’s no surprise that her latest music video for ‘Just Like Fire‘ is so cool. Cool not only for the fabulous special effects, but also because it includes the whole Pink family — four-year-old daughter Willow and husband Carey Hart.┬áJohnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter also make cameo appearances.

The ‘Just Like Fire‘ video starts out with Pink hanging from ribbons as she practices her gymnastics in the house, and husband Carey asking “Are you just going to hang around all day?”

Soon, though, she’s following daughter Willow through the mirror into an Alice Through The Looking Glass world. A beautiful but crazy world where Pink plays just about every part, and daughter Willow hangs out at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Sadly, though, it turns out Pink herself is just as crazy as any of the people in Alice Through The Looking Glass, as she wakes up strapped into a straight jacket and being hauled away by two medical attendants.

Pink’s ‘Just Like Fire‘ is from the upcoming movie ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass‘, which opens in theaters on May 27th. Watch the video below. It’s fabulous, and so is the song.

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