Watch Poets of the Fall’s ‘Cradled In Love’, A Beautiful Ballad — Repeat Rotation Videos

poets of the fall cradled in love

Finnish alternative rock band Poets of the Fall have a song I cannot get out of my head. Called ‘Cradled In Love‘, it is a track from the band’s fifth studio album — Temple of Thought.


Released in 2012, the album is full of songs that have gorgeous melodies and lovely acoustic ballads.

That’s why Poets of the Fall’s ‘Cradled In Love‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today — because it is one of them.

Besides, just watch that beautiful video — so touching and so sad.

Now play ‘Cradled In Love‘ as your Repeat Rotation Video today and, if you fall in love with this band as much as I already am, look out for their seventh studio album.

The album is to be called Clearview, it is currently in production and is reportedly releasing sometime in September this year. Yay!

Michelle Topham