Watch Public Enemy Do ‘Fight the Power’ Medley on Jimmy Kimmel and Kick Ass (Video)

public enemy jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is continuing to stay pretty cool when it comes to the musical guests he invites on his show. On Friday, he proved that again with his guests hip hop group Public Enemy, who performed a ‘Fight the Power’ medley that included new track ‘Man Plans God Laughs‘ and ‘911 Is A Joke‘.


‘Fight The Power‘ is from Public Enemy’s 1990 album Fear of a Black Planet (geez, you forget they’ve been around such a long time, don’t you?), and ‘Man Plans God Laughs‘ is the title track from the group’s brand new album just released in August.

Kimmel has been in New York all week at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House, and this was his final show. The only bad thing about this Public Enemy performance? The audience. They were just a tad lame.

And wouldn’t it be nice if shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live made a bit more of an effort to get fans of the artists appearing on the show in the audience? At least they’d get the reception so many of them deserve.

Oh well. Watch Public Enemy perform their ‘Fight The Power‘ medley below. It is a good one.


Michelle Topham

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