Watch Rob Thomas Sing ‘Hold On Forever’ on The Ellen Show – He’s Cool

rob thomas hold on forever ellen

The fabulous Rob Thomas was on The Ellen Show this week to perform his latest single ‘Hold On Forever‘. The song is from his new 13-track solo album The Great Unknown, and is his first solo release in six years.


Thomas, of course, is the lead singer of the band Matchbox 20, but he’s also very successful as a solo artist. ‘Hold On Forever‘ is his second single from the album. An album that is his third venture into solo territory.

And what is interesting about this song is, at first listen, it sounds like a light, sort of nothing, song. But, the more you listen to it, it sucks itself into your brain and you soon find yourself humming it at every turn.

Hold On Forever’ was written and produced by Rob Thomas. Watch him perform it live on Ellen in the video below. And, of course, buy The Great Unknown. It is an absolutely solid album.

Michelle Topham

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