Watch The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘Pull Yourself Together’ Official Video — Nostalgic and Lovely


Watch The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘Pull Yourself Together‘ Official Video

British indie rock band The Boxer Rebellion has just released the official video for their latest single ‘Pull Yourself Together‘, from their fifth studio album Ocean by Ocean released back in February this year.


And the track is a beautiful mix of Cocteau Twins-like dreaminess and Sigur Ros-style vocals, minus the made-up language the lead vocalist of Sigur Ros sings in.

As for the video, The Boxer Rebellion’s ‘Pull Yourself Together‘ was filmed on the band’s latest North American and European tours in a sort of nostalgic haze, and it’s a really nice look at what seems like a lovely time.

Watch it below. You can grab The Boxer Rebellion’s latest album Ocean by Ocean on most major music sites.

Michelle Topham