Watch Tom Odell’s ‘Concrete’ Video — It’s Bluesy, Powerful and Cool

tom odell concrete video

Tom Odell’s new album Wrong Crowd is set to be released in just a couple of days — June 10th. Before that eventuality, though, Odell has been releasing quite a few singles from the album — the latest being ‘Concrete‘, which got its own video today.

And, just like the others we have heard so far, ‘Concrete‘ is one of those big, dramatic songs Odell said he really wanted on his sophomore album — the follow up to his smash-hit 2013 debut album Long Way Down that sold more than a million copies.

Because, although this one is a little more slow and bluesy than the others, it certainly finishes with a heckuva lot of power.

Watch Odell’s new ‘Concrete‘ video below. Nice, isn’t it?

You can also pre-order his new album now.

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