Watch U2 on Jimmy Fallon, Bike Accidents, Subway Busking and Live Music (Videos)

U2 on jimmy fallon bono

If you think Late Night starring Jimmy Fallon couldn’t get any more awesome, did you watch the All U2 Hour on Late Night Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night?


You didn’t? Geez, you missed all kinds of awesome.

U2 was on Late Night starring Jimmy Fallon for the entire show because of having to cancel last year’s planned week long residency after Bono had a bicycle accident in Central Park that put him in the hospital.

Fallon thought it would be nice to make it up to them by offering them the entire show, so that is what they got.


And that led to the Irish band doing a whole lot of fun and crazy things during that hour.

One of those things was busking on the New York subway in disguise (and not getting that much attention until they took off their disguises, and the crowd went wild).

Recreating Bono’s bike accident in a funny sketch that involved Bono getting hit by a van — three times — was also highly entertaining.

Bono being interviewed by Fallon about his bike accident (which included a few grisly details), and U2 performing three new songs live —  ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Song For Someone’, and ‘Angel of Harlem‘ — yep, those made the show worth watching as well.

You can watch all that craziness via the video’s Jimmy Fallon kindly released on YouTube below.


Michelle Topham