Watch Uru sing ‘Furiko’ live – a special performance of the Tsumi no Koe theme song on The First Take

Japanese singer songwriter Uru was back on the Sony YouTube channel The First Take today with a one-take live performance of the Tsumi no Koe theme song ‘Furiko‘ (振り子 or Pendulum‘ in English)

A special performance of ‘Furiko‘ exclusively for The First Take with the singer accompanied by piano, string quartet, percussions, and upright bass, and one that she makes feel both heart-wrenching and sad, but also so sweet.

Then again, it is Uru — a singer who is known for her soulful, soothing and captivating voice.

As mentioned, Uru’s ‘Furiko‘ is the theme song from the 2020 Japanese film Tsumi no Koe (in Japanese 罪の声, and in English The Voice of Sin). A critically-acclaimed film that has never received a western release, and so, sadly, is not currently available with English subtitles.

The song was released in October, 2020 as a double single along with the song ‘Break‘.

Uru herself posted a comment about her The First Take performance:

私にとってとても大切な曲をここで歌えたこと、嬉しく思います 聴いてくださってありがとうございました 心に届きますように 

I am happy that I was able to sing a song that is very important to me here. Thank you for listening. I hope it reaches your heart 

Uru is a singer who is extremely private about her personal information, which is why there is very little information available about her online.

She has been active in the music world since 2013, and is currently signed to Sony Music Japan.

Uru has released three studio albums, with her debut album appearing in 2019 and her latest, Contrast, coming out earlier this month.

Listen to Uru sing ‘Furiko‘ live on The First Take in the video below.

If you often listen to contemporary Japanese music, even if you did not know the same of the song, you will likely have heard ‘Furiko‘ many times before.

You can hear the single version of Uru’s ‘Furiko‘, along with her song ‘Break‘  which is equally as gorgeous, on the Spotify player below.

You can also follow the singer on her official YouTube channel, where she has already received more than 500 million views on her videos, and listen to more The First Take performances here on Leo Sigh.


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