Watch Usher’s Cover of The Chainsmokers’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ on BBC Radio One — It’s a Jam Session

usher don't let me down bbc radio one

There is an interesting Usher cover of The Chainsmokers’ hit ‘Don’t Let Me Down that has just surfaced on BBC Radio One‘s VEVO account on YouTube. Interesting because even though Usher is not absolutely sure of the lyrics, and meanders in and out of the song a little bit, leaving his backing vocalists to pick up the slack, it actually does work.

Which, I guess, shows what an amazing artist Usher is as, even being fuzzy on the lyrics of a song, he still manages to create what is basically a jam session, and so make his performance completely believable.

Watch Usher sing The Chainsmokers’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ on BBC Radio One in the video below. Pretty damn cool.

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