Watch Violent Femmes Perform ‘Memory’ Live on Stephen Colbert (Video)

violent femmes memory

If I ever see the words ‘Violent Femmes perform’, I’m there. Because, come on, Violent Femmes is one of the best alternative rock bands literally ever, but they haven’t released any new music in more than 15 years and have been away from the music scene for much of that time as well.

With the release of their upcoming studio album We Can Do Anything, however, they are about to rectify that. (Pandora will stream it on February 25th, so be prepared).

And, with their late night appearance live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to perform their new single ‘Memory‘, they’re back performing too. Their first TV performance, I might add, in 16 years.

Watch Violent Femmes perform ‘Memory‘ on Colbert last night, and be as happy as I am that this amazing band has new music out that, if this single is anything to go by, is just as good as anything they released back in the 1980s when I loved them first.

You can also pre-order their new 10-track album We Can Do Anything.

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