Watch Violent Femmes Sing ‘Blister in the Sun’ Live on Stephen Colbert — Awesome (Video)

violent femmes blister in the sun stephen colbert

The most famous and most loved Violent Femmes song ever is ‘Blister in the Sun‘. Released in 1983, it has become the song the band is most known for. So, to see a web exclusive of Violent Femmes singing ‘Blister in the Sun‘ live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night must have thrilled untold numbers of Violent Femmes fans just like it did me.

And a performance, I might add, that also includes an audience sing-a-long, and Stephen Colbert himself joining in and being very very stellar.

As for the Violent Femmes themselves, they are in the process of releasing their latest album — We Can Do Anything — the band’s first album in more than 15 years. It releases on March 4th, and can currently be pre-ordered on digital music sites on vinyl, CD and MP3.

Meanwhile, watch the Femmes perform ‘Blister in the Sun‘ live on Stephen Colbert in the video below.

And then catch the live performance of their first single in over 15 years also on Stephen Colbert last night here.


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