Watch Wolf Alice Play Stripped Back Versions of ‘Fluffy’, ‘Bros’ and ‘Turn to Dust’ on Tiny Desk Concerts – Fabulous

wolf alice npr tiny desk session

One of the latest concerts at NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concerts‘ was with British alternative rock band Wolf Alice who played some amazing stripped back versions of their tracks ‘Fluffy‘, ‘Bros‘ and ‘Turn To Dust‘.

Amazing because, in their original forms, these three songs are either quite a bit louder or much more complicated, and with a lot more power, so you don’t expect them to be quite this quiet, simplistic and soft.

Personally, while I love the original versions, I have to say these stripped back forms really are lovely, and add yet one more dimension to what the amazing Wolf Alice can do.

Watch the band giving that sweet live performance at NPR below.


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