Watch WSTRN Perform ‘IN2’ on New Year’s Day ‘Top of the Pops’ — So Cool and Cute

wstrn top of the pops new years day in2

London-based pop and hip hop group WSTRN performed their hit debut single ‘IN2‘ on the New Year’s Day Top of the Pops earlier this afternoon, and you just had to love it.

After all, ‘IN2′ is the guys’ first single, it went to number 4 on the UK Singles Chart when it was released in early November, and this performance on Top of the Pops is just about their biggest exposure so far.

Yet the lads —¬†Akelle Charles, Haile and Louis Rei — were sweet, cute and obviously enjoying every second of it, saying at the beginning of their performance “Top of the Pops, it’s crazy”.

But don’t expect WSTRN’s performance on Top of the Pops to be the last you see of these guys for a while. They just released their second track ‘Got Love‘, and word in the UK music industry is this group is expected to blow up in 2016.

Now watch WSTRN’s performance of ‘IN2‘ on Top of the Pops below. Cool, eh?


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