Wedding Impossible Ep 4 hits lowest ratings but it’s not important and here’s why

Last night’s Wedding Impossible rating dropped below 4.0 percent for the first time

As the Korean drama Wedding Impossible continues its run as the only drama airing on South Korean cable TV on Monday and Tuesday nights, the latest episode aired last night.

Just like its episode on Monday night, Wedding Impossible, Episode 4’s nationwide rating hovered around the 4.0 percent mark — 3.98 percent, to be exact, so it’s first ever drop below 4.0 percent.

Yep, that is a tiny drop from the K-drama’s previous episode’s rating of 4.05 percent, but such a tiny drop it’s inconsequential.

And sure, it is the lowest rating Wedding Impossible has earned so far but, again, as the drama’s rating has barely moved from the 4.0 percent mark in either direction since it aired (its ratings have been 4.00, 4.06, 4.05 and 3.98), when you look at it rationally what that rating proves is that most of the viewers who have been watching the drama since it premiered are still watching it.

Should Wedding Impossible continue to see more drops as new episodes release then, yes, the K-drama could be losing its audience.

As it stands at the moment, though, it’s not.

Wedding Impossible, Episode 4 rating in Seoul

In Seoul though the pattern is different with the Wedding Impossible, Episode 4 rating of 3.91 percent the drama’s lowest yet, and a noticeable amount lower than its highest rating of 4.65 percent for Episode 2.

That being said, just four episodes in is too early to figure out where the Korean drama will go from here, so let’s see what happens when Episode 5 premieres next Monday.

Wedding Impossible stars Jeon Jong Seo, Moon Sang Min, Kim Do Wan, and Bae Yoon Kyun.

The Korean drama airs every Monday and Tuesday evening on tvN at  20:50 (KST), with Viki carrying the drama for some of its international subscribers and Amazon Prime Video streaming it in select regions.

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