Welcome to Samdalri E8 has big rating rise as actors and drama hit buzzworthy list

The Korean rom-com Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 8 had a big ratings increase in South Korea last night.

According to Nielsen Korea, the ratings for Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 8 were 7.91 percent.

That is a huge rise from its previous episode’s 6.38 percent, which had fallen the night before due to the 2023 KBS Entertainment Awards airing at the same time.

That rating is also a nice surprise for the cast and crew as the Korean drama hits its halfway point.

Welcome to Samdalri and lead actors hit buzzworthy list

Meanwhile, Welcome to Samdalri also ranked #4 on last week’s Korean Good Data Corporation’s weekly list of TV dramas that have been experiencing the most buzz.

The ratings are compiled from social media posts, website articles, blogs, vlogs and online forums to assess the K-dramas that seem to be getting the most attention.

It wasn’t just the drama itself that got attention, however, as Welcome to Samdalri star Ji Chang Wook was #8 on the most buzzworthy actors list, with co-star Shin Hye Sun beating him out to the #7 spot.

The next episode of Welcome to Samdalri will air on JTBC in South Korea on December 30th, with Netflix streaming it for its international subscribers on the same day.

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