Welcome to Samdalri Ep 12 has HUGE ratings jump to hit highest ever

Photo courtesy JTBC

After experiencing a ratings drop for its 11th episode on Saturday night, the Korean romantic comedy drama Welcome to Samdalri has bounced back in style tonight.

Not only did the drama’s ratings increase from its previous episode, but Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 12 also saw a huge ratings jump on Sunday night.


Both nationwide in South Korea, and in Seoul.

According to the data just out from Nielsen Korea, Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 12 experienced a very noticeable ratings jump on Sunday night in South Korea, going from last night’s 7.28 percent of the audience share to tonight’s 9.78 percent.

That is a 2.50 percent increase in the drama’s ratings, as well as the highest rating Welcome to Samdalri has ever earned in its 12 episode run.

In Seoul, the Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun-led drama experienced an even bigger increase, jumping from Episode 11’s 8.0 percent to 10.6 percent tonight — also the highest rating the drama has ever garnered from Seoul audiences — and the first time the drama has hit double digits.

With four more episodes left to air, and the last two episodes having been some of the best of the series so far, fingers crossed the Korean drama continues to climb even higher.

The next episode of Welcome to Samdalri will air on JTBC in South Korea on Saturday, January 13th in the 22:30 (KST) time slot.

Netflix will be streaming it internationally, along with all the drama’s other episodes, around the same time.