Welcome to Samdalri Ep 13 earns solid rating as drama still a hit on Netflix

Photo courtesy JTBC

The  Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun-led drama Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 13 continued to perform well last night.

New data from Nielsen Korea shows the JTBC drama grabbed 9.32 percent of the audience share nationwide.

That rating is down from its previous episode’s 9.78 percent, which was its highest rating yet, but is still the best rating Welcome to Samdalri has earned on a Saturday night since it premiered on December 2nd.

The Korean drama performed even better among audiences in Seoul, garnering 10.38 percent of the audience share there.

Again, that was a drop from Episode 12’s rating of 10.59 percent, but still an excellent result for a Saturday evening with five other dramas airing on the same night.

Welcome to Samdalri is still performing very well on Netflix

The romantic comedy drama also continues to be a hit on Netflix, where it has been on the overall Top 10 most-watched non-English TV shows chart several times since it premiered.

It has also been in the Top 10 in 34 countries at least once this week.

The next episode of Welcome to Samdalri will air on JTBC in South Korea later on tonight, with Netflix streaming it for international audiences.


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