Welcome to Samdalri Ep 16 earns new personal ratings record as drama ends

The cast and crew of Welcome to Samdalri must be thrilled after the Korean drama’s final episode aired on JTBC tonight and earned the series another personal record rating both nationwide and in Seoul.

According to Nielsen Korea, the rating for Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 16 was 12.39 percent nationwide, which was a big increase from its previous episode’s 10.06 percent, as well as the highest rating Welcome to Samdalri earned in its 16-episode run.

In Seoul, the Korean rom com experienced a similar ratings rise and another record high rating when it grabbed 13.08 percent of the audience share — which is a big increase from Episode 15’s rating of 10.79 percent.

To say the K-drama kicked off on December 2nd with a 5.19 percent nationwide and a 5.28 percent in Seoul, to then end with a 12.39 percent and a 13.08 percent is really quite spectacular.

Not surprising the Welcome to Samdalri, Episode 16 earned a stellar rating

Then again, with how excellent the script for the romantic comedy was (thanks screenwriter Kwon Hye Joo), how wonderful the lead performances (brilliant work from Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun), and what a superb ensemble cast played the rest of the fascinating and often quite quirky supporting roles, it is not surprising the Korean drama performed so well.

Throw in Welcome to Samdalri was filmed in a beautiful place, and featured some lovely songs on its soundtrack, and it honestly would have been more surprising if the Korean drama had not done very well.

The Korean drama is also performing incredibly well on Netflix, where it has been streaming for international audiences since December 2nd, and where all 16 episodes are now available to watch.

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