Wet’s ‘Clementine’ played on Kung Fu, Season 3, Ep. 6 as Nicky tells Bo who she is

I cannot say I have been particularly enamoured of the music on the soundtrack of the martial arts drama Kung Fu over the last few weeks.

That changed last night, however, when the music supervisor suddenly seemed to get their mojo back, and chose a whole slate full of superb songs that played throughout the episode — Kung Fu, Season 3, Episode 6, “Rescue“.

Songs like American indie pop band Wet‘s ‘Clementine‘, which was played in the scene after Nicky and Bo have had sex, and she tells him who she is.

That song was released as a single from the Brooklyn, New York-based band’s third studio album Letter Blue in late 2021, which was the band’s first album to come out via AWAL.

The song itself is a lovely, mellow dream pop song about being in love with someone.

Even though they sometimes drive you insane, and choosing to continue to love them and need them anyway.

Because isn’t that what we all do when we’re in love?

Clementine‘ is also a standout song, not only for its sweet melody and that it makes you feel just happy, but also for lead singer Kelly Zutrau’s beautiful husky and almost angelic vocals.

Listen to Wet’s ‘Clementine’ as heard on yesterday’s episode of Kung Fu in the track’s music video, and on their Letter Blue album below. Now isn’t that just the prettiest thing.

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